Sod Staple

The artificial lawn is inserted with a U shaped staple.

About Sod Staples

Sod staples, also know as landscape staples or U shaped peg anchors, are handy and practical for securing gardening fabric and lawn edging. When we're trying to lay a piece of landscape fabric on the grass, the U shaped pegs are great for keeping the fabric in place. These staples are also useful when pinning sod to slopes to prevent the soft sod from slipping or sagging.

Our sod staples are commonly manufactured from 11 gauge or 9 gauge steel wires. There are 8 gauge sod staple designed for compacted soil uses. Expect for the applications mentioned above, the u shaped ground anchors are typically used for installing pet fences, holding outdoor cords and wires, securing PVC and other small pipes, and securing irrigation drip tubing, etc.

There are many sod staples on the green lawn.

U Shaped Pegs – Different Styles Available, Easy to Install and Remove


  • Designed with sharp ends for easy ground insertion.
  • Adapt to both looser soil and compact soil.
  • Countless uses, simple but practical.
  • Anti-corrosion surface treatment.
  • Easy to place and remove.
  • Styles & colors may customize for you.


  • Material: High carbon steel.
  • Top Type: Round, square, G shaped.
  • Wire Diameter: 8 gauge, 9 gauge, 10 gauge, 11 gauge, 12 gauge, etc.
  • Width: 1" – 4".
  • Height: 4"– 12".
  • Popular Size: 4" × 1" × 4", 6" × 1" × 6", 8" × 1" × 8", 12" × 1" × 12", etc.
  • Surface Treatment: Original, electro-galvanized, hot dipped galvanized, powder coated.
  • Color: Rich black, white, green or customized.
  • Mounting: Just step on the top hardly.
  • Package: 25 pcs/plastic bag, 100 pcs/box, 1000 pcs/carton, then packed on pallets.


There are four sod staples with round top.

SOD-01- Round top sod staples

There are three sod staples with square top.

SOD-02- Square top sod staples

There are five sod staples with G shaped top.

SOD-03- G shaped top sod staples

Available Height

Various sizes of sod staples are available.

Available sizes of sod staples

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Detailed picture about the chisel point of sod staple.

Chisel point for easy installation

Detailed picture about the bend top of sod staple.

Bend top creates a flat surface


Sod staples are versatile for garden, stadium, agricultural planting, construction, landscape and industrial uses.

  • Hold sod & ground cover.
  • Hold artificial lawn & plastic barriers.
  • Hold outdoor cords and wires.
  • Secure landscape fabric to turf or sod.
  • Secure PVC and other small pipes.
  • Secure irrigation drip tubing.
  • Secure insect net & sunshade net.
  • Install pet fence & cage.
  • Anchor & secure goals.
The gardening hemp cord is fixed with a sod staple.

Sod staple for securing gardening wire

The plastic pipe is fixed with round top sod staple.

Sod staple for securing plastic pipe

A man is fixing the fence with a sod staple.

Sod staple for securing fences

There are two G shaped staples used for erosion control.

G shaped staples for erosion control

The goal pipe is fixed with round top sod staple.

Sod staple for securing goal pipe

There is a composite hose fixed with a sod staple.

Sod staple for securing composite hose

The soccer goal is fixed with U shaped anchor pegs.

Sod staples for securing soccer goal

A man is securing the ground with sod staples.

Sod staples for securing ground cover

There are many sod staples for drip irrigation.

Sod staples for drip irrigation