Shepherd's Hooks

Black shepherd hooks for hanging bottle flowers at the wedding site.

About Shepherd Hooks

Shepherd hooks with a rounded hook-shaped hanging arm makes adding lanterns, plants and flowers to your garden and party so simple. Made of sturdy rust resistant steel with colorful powder coated, shepherd's hooks is a gratifying design for stand up to all the decorative elements on your holidays and festivities.

Designed with 90°C step-in attached to the vertical bar that make it simple to install, just simply press them into the soil until they are steady in the ground. Personalizing your hooks with colorful fresh flowers, solar lights, white silk flowers and ribbons to soft up aisles and walkways for the jubilant events site.

Black shepherd hooks for hanging bottle flowers.

Multiple Uses, Reliable Load-Bearing Capacity, Easy to Place


  • Displaying a touch of vibrant color.
  • Stand up to the stormy weather.
  • Powder coated is long lasting beauty.
  • Versatile for wedding, holiday & party decorations.
  • Easy to place and remove.
  • Styles & colors may customize for you.


  • Material: Heavy duty steel wire.
  • Head: Single, double.
  • Wire Diameter: 6.35 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm, etc.
  • Width: 14 cm, 23 cm, 31 cm max.
  • Height: 32", 35", 48", 64", 84" optional.
  • Anchor
    • Wire Diameter: 4.7 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, etc.
    • Length: 15 cm, 17 cm, 28 cm, etc.
    • Width: 9.5 cm, 13 cm, 19 cm, etc.
  • Weight Capacity: Approximately 10 lbs
  • Surface Treatment: Powder coated.
  • Color: Rich black, white, or customized.
  • Mounting: Press into the soil.
  • Package: 10 pcs/pack, packed in carton or wooden crate.

Available styles

Single black metal shepherd hook.

JS01- Single shepherd's hook

Garden flag stand with shepherd's hook.

JS02- Double shepherd's hook with a straight hook

Single black metal shepherd hook.

JS03- Double shepherd's hook

Available Height

Various sizes of shepherd's hook are available.

Available sizes of shepherd's hooks

Show Details

Detailed picture about top section of shepherd's hook.

Hook-shaped top

Detailed picture about top section of shepherd's hook.

Stable feet – easy to step in


Shepherd's hooks is ideal for arrangement of privy gardens, pathways, flower beds, wedding sites, holidays, celebration activities or around bushes to enhance your garden look.

For hanging planters, isle markers, flower pots, flower balls, silk flowers, ribbons, bird feeders, shooting targets, solar lanterns, candle holders, garden string lights lamps, mason jars, string lights, wind chimes, bird baths, insect repellents, buckets of sand for ashtrays and so on.

Shepherd's hooks hanging a flower basket.

Flower basket hanging on shepherd's hook

Double shepherd's hooks hanging two pots of flowers.

Potted flowers hanging on shepherd's hook

Double shepherd's hooks hanging a bottle of fresh flower.

Bottle flower hanging on shepherd's hook

A bird feeder hanging on the single shepherd's hooks for birds.

Bird feeder hanging on shepherd's hook

Double shepherd's hooks keeping a candle light and a wind chime.

Double shepherd's hook for candle holder

Single shepherd's hooks hanging a solar lantern.

Solar lantern hanging on shepherd's hook

Black shepherd hooks for hanging white decorative balls at the wedding site.

Shepherd's hook for sea wedding decoration

Silk flower hanging on single shepherd's hooks.

Silk flowers on shepherd's hook

Candle holder on shepherd's hook for path light

Shepherd's hooks for path lighting