Plant Support Path Bow

Powder coated plant support path bow for garden edge clear up.

About Plant Support Path Bows

Plant support path bows with multiple continuous scalloped border edge is similar to our plant support bows, but longer than that to create a more stable and effective guard for garden border edge arrangement. Then, tidy up your plants and pathway is becoming more easier.

The path bow plant support can be grouped into line-styled or oval array, the one-piece steel wire construction quickly establish a rigidly border protection but unrestrained growing space for roses, tree peonies, delphinium, monkshood and other full-grown flowers.

Different sizes of plant support path bows keep the Chinese rose grow upright.

Plant Support Path Bows Clear Up Your Garden Path & Border Edge


  • Excellent for garden path and border edge.
  • Flexible yet high strength support for flowers.
  • Anti-rust, resistance to bad weather.
  • Multiple way of combination, well-adapted.
  • Attractive scallop shape is unrestrained to plants.
  • Various sizes and colors are available.


  • Material: Heavy duty steel wire.
  • Wire Diameter: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6mm, etc.
  • Radius: 14 cm, 17 cm, 18 cm, 21 cm, etc.
  • Width: 90 cm, 100 cm, etc.
  • Height: 46 cm, 50 cm, etc.
  • Surface Treatment: Powder coated.
  • Color: Rich black, dark green, white or customized.
  • Mounting: Inserted into the ground
  • Package: 10 pcs/pack, packed in carton or wooden crate.

Available Assembled Styles

Plant support path bow used as single plant support.

JS-P01- Single plant support path bow

Two plant support bow grouped into row array.

Plant support path bow in a row

This complex interchange plant support is made up of three single plant support path bow.

Complex interchange support path bow

Available Size

Various sizes of plant support bows are available.

Available sizes of plant support path bows.


Plant support path bows are versatile for outdoors or garden paths uses, indoors is equally fitting.

It is a ideal design for hydrangea, roses, buddleias, tree peonies, delphinium, monkshood and other full-grown flowers.

Plant support path bow installed along the crocosmia garden.

Crocosmia plants support path bow

Plant support path bow for keep shrub flowers growing straightly.

Plant support path bow for shrub flower

Single plant support bow installed for brown eyed susan vine growing up.

Plant support path bow for leaning flowers

Plant support path bows make sure the shrub plants growing straightly.

Plant support path bows for stems protection

Plant support path bows placed in the snowfield.

Plant support path bows in snowfield

Plant support path bows tidy up the garden edging.

Plant support path bows for edging training