Plant Support Bow

Powder coated plant support bow for young plant support.

About Plant Support Bows

Plant support bows is a another name for half round flower supports, we use heavy duty powder coated steel wire as material for high strength and longevity. The bow shaped design is perfect for leaning flowers and keeps the garden paths unobstructed.

The outstanding feature of bow plant supports is the free and flexible combination uses. It can be used as a single support for smaller plants, and can be interlinked into rows, circles, complex interchange and other geometric shapes by two or more plant support bows.

Plant support bows keeps coneflowers grow upright.

Plant Support Bows for Shrubs Plants, Vegetables, Large Flowers


  • High strength yet light weight.
  • Anti-rust, resistance to bad weather.
  • Unique for shrubs or tall flowers.
  • Multiple way of combination, well-adapted.
  • Various sizes and colors are available.
  • Easy to place and easy to store.


  • Material: Heavy duty steel wire.
  • Wire Diameter: 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm, 6mm, etc.
  • Radius: 5.5", 7", 8.2", etc.
  • Width: 10", 12", 16", 17", 18", etc.
  • Height: 16", 20", 28", 36", 39", etc.
  • Surface Treatment: Powder coated.
  • Color: Rich black, dark green, white or customized.
  • Mounting: Inserted into the ground.
  • Package: 10 pcs/pack, packed in carton or wooden crate.

Available Assembled Styles

Plant support bow used as single plant support.

JS-B01- Single plant support bow

This circle plant support for tall flowers is made up of two single plant support bow.

JS-B02- Circle plant support bow

This complex interchange plant support is made up of three single plant support bow.

JS-B03- Complex interchange support bow

Assemble the three single plant support bow into a row for longish garden arrangement.

JS-B04- Row shaped plant support bow

Available Size

Various sizes of plant support bows are available.

Available sizes of plant support bows.


Plant support bows are versatile for outdoors or garden paths uses, indoors is equally fitting.

And grate for coneflower, rose, yarrow, agave, daylily, acalypha, reineckea, rudbeckia hirta, buddleias, tree peonies, delphinium, monkshood and other stubbed and shrub plants

Plant support bows in a row for garden green plants support.

Plant support bows for garden arrangement

Plant support bows installed for garden rose support.

Plant support bows for rose arrangement

Plant support bows installed for young tree support.

Plant support bows for young tree

Plant support bows for keep the wind flowers growing straightly during its flowering phase.

Winder flower support bow

Single plant support bow for keep stubbed plants growing straightly.

Stubbed plants support bow

Single plant support bow in a row for leaning the pink shrub flowers.

Plant support bow for leaning flowers

Powder coated plant support bow for reineckea support.

Plant support bows for reineckea support

Plant support bows keep the shrub flower grow upright.

Shrub flower support bow

Plant support bows keep the green conifer grow upright.

Conifer plant support bow