Cost of Installing a Garden Gate

 Many variables affect this question, such as your choice of style, hard-wear, automation, labour, and so on. Gate installation prices vary depending on your preference.

garden gate install
The average rate of a handyman in the UK is between £100 – £200 per day.
Several factors will affect the final price, including the gate's size, the materials needed and where the gate is being fitted.
It's also worth noting that costs in cities such as London and more expensive areas of the country such as the Home Counties and the Cotswolds will be more expensive than the rest of the UK.
The cost to install a wooden gate will average around £400 with two concrete ed timber posts installed (not including labour). A wooden gate is a popular choice for both style and privacy. The cost depends on the size and style of the gate and whether it's hardwood or softwood.
A wooden gate will need regular maintenance, painting it with a wood stain or suitable paint (around twice a year) to avoid rotting, twisting and warping.
Closed boarded wooden gates will offer greater privacy but could offer greater concealment to a criminal in your back garden. Open boarded gates provide less privacy decreasing the chances for intruders to hide.
Installing a metal garden gate, attached to brickwork ( existing house) will cost around £175 plus labour. Although attractive, metal gates don't offer a great deal of privacy, unless they are made from solid sheets – which will be expensive.
To add automation to your driveway gates, you will be looking at around £750 plus labour costs, which will be around £150 per day.
Whatever style you choose, you may be guided by cost implications. Whilst a wooden gate may look more attractive if a matching wooden fence surrounds your garden, it can cost more to install than an elaborate metal gate.