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Experienced, Share, Responsible!

A photo of HeBei JinShi company office.

Office overview

Co-learning time of HeBei JinShi staff.


Sharing session of HeBei JinShi company.

Sharing session


10 Production Lines, Thorough Quality Control System, Professional Staff, Every Step Is Under Strict Inspection, to Insure That Every Product Is Perfect.

Manufacturing shop of HeBei JinShi company.

Advanced manufacturing workshop

Customer Service

Professional, Warmly, Faithworthy!

Take a photo with visiting clients.

Take a photo with visiting clients

We are introducing our products to our customers.

Business discussion

JinShi at exhibition in Germany.

JinShi at exhibition in Germany.


Garden products export to all parts of the world.


Vivacious, Unitive, Uplifting!

Do morning exercise together.

Morning exercise

Organize a team building exercise.

Team building exercise

Organize a overall tourism.

Overall tourism

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