Tomato support in different shapes for your choice

Tomato cage support

Galvanized or PVC steel mesh - To get excellent tomatoes harvest

These sturdy tomato cage supports are used season after season. Hinges are used to configure the panels in different ways, whether closed square or diamond, open flat mesh or zigzagged or even superimposed by inserting the stems of the upper cage in the lower corner loops cage. Braces that support many branches are widely separated to facilitate access to vegetables or fruit. At the end of the season, just fold the mesh for storing.

This plant cage support is for a rich tomato, pepper and eggplant harvest, and can also be used as a decorative focal point for flowering climbers such as clematis and dahlias.

Three type tomato cage supports in round, square or triangle shape made from galvanized or  green PVC coated steel

Materials: green PVC coated wire, galvanized wire
Round, square shape
36.5cm × 36.5cm × 99cm in height including 17cm legs
40cm × 40cm × 120cm in height including 24cm legs
45cm × 45cm × 140cm in height including 30cm legs

Tomato tower

Two tomato towers in green PVC steel and galvanized steel

Supports tomato and cucumber plants, optimum grip even in pots. May subsequently be attached and provides a better grip than seed rods and spirals. 2-piece galvanized wire with 2 connectors.

Size: H.120 - 180cm, Ø 13cm.

A green spiral tomato support and a galvanized spiral support for tomatoes

Tomato twist spiral support

With these spiral, your tomato plants curl and hang naturally unattached. When the tomato grow, does not need to be tied together, they will naturally curl around the spirals with enough aesthetic twisted shape, even laden with fruit. The twist spiral support ensure a great tomato crop and easy pickings.

The twist spiral support is also indicated for all climbing plants tendrils, beans, clematis, sweet peas, cucumbers, or giant plants, such as hollyhocks, sunflowers. Plants grow freely along the spiral, which gives it a natural support. It is easier than trying to attach semi-mature plants or fruit to wood.

Material: stainless wire, galvanized wire, green PVC wire, aluminum wire.

Steel diameter 6mm, 7mm, 8mm

Length: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m.

Tomato supports - Lattice-shaped column support

Four lattice-shaped tomato plant supports

The contoured surface provides better support for plants. It is a type of multi-rings all round plant supports, made from PVC coated solid steel wire, galvanized wire with good resistance to weathering and corrosion.


Color: green or silver
Shapes: Conical or cylindrical shape
Wire diameter: 4.5 -5mm
3 or 4 legs, 3 or 4 rings
Ring diameter: 20 - 50cm
Height: 50-160cm

Tomato and vegetable ladder towers - effective support for abundant crops

This truss tomatoes support has an ideal wide columnar in hemispherical shape for your tomato and clematis. It is very stable and suitable for any planting in windy conditions.

Two green PVC coated ladder supports for tomatoes

Green PVC coated tomato ladder tower support

This support is one of the strongest and most attractive. It can support the weight of a bountiful harvest. No need fasteners because plants grow in the middle of the grid and fruits are supported by braces.

This support is also perfect for cucumbers, squash and even beans and peas.

Materials: galvanized steel or PVC coated steel

Steel diameter 4 -5mm

Width: 8-10cm.

Height (cm): 180

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  1. E.g. 7mm × 1.8m Tomato support spiral, galvanized and green PVC coated, approx. 5000pc.

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